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tiefenerder is the best.
Bratke lightning assurance Material GmbH
Dear client, you are occupied with our Earth Rods program? You know the ground bar as a vital piece of lightning assurance and basic framework component of lightning insurance frameworks.

We of Bratke lightning security Material GmbH therefore give you an individual from the lightning insurance framework, which does not permit any bargain on quality. But you will get from this quality item – the ground bar to VDE 0185-305 (IEC 62305) – a totally reasonable cost. Also, this amazing item is out of our home for guaranteeing a snappy and simple establishment!
For more than 30 years we have worked in the lightning insurance industry and our far reaching knowledge guarantees that we know precisely which parameters is critical to you! Our ground bars are supplied by us obviously to your little or expansive development site – the item where you require the lightning assurance material, where it will be introduced. On account of our recently created auto armada we can make such conveyance to site fast and exceptionally adaptable, yet that entire thing to truly incline cost. In the event that you know us, you will know the immediate access to clients is for us of essential significance. You don’t have any acquaintance with us, you will after the main conveyance administration know this and appreciate. Guaranteed!
Trust matters in the field of lightning security. Whether you need to go by means of our downloadable inventory which gives you the week is accessible for download all day and all night, seven days or incline toward individual contact with us by means of telephone or email – we are dependably there for you. Short ways, quick get to times, high adaptability – what we remain for as a group of Bratke lightning insurance material!
Earth poles at aggressive costs from Bratke lightning insurance material
As we in the field lightning security material in Europe could manufacture a flawless system of makers as an organization with years of experience, our clients advantage from our chose contacts. About aggressive costs! Yet, that is insufficient. guarantees the coupling framework that the essential and solid contact can be made basically the ground pole into the ground. The cost focal points are not to the disservice of the material, which meets at the most elevated amount the necessities of the benchmarks. The changeless security of the development task is described guaranteed that our earth poles meet the most extreme necessities as far as erosion capacity. Enhanced consumption capacity represents a long life in the lightning security frameworks and for the high caliber of the conveyed lightning insurance material.
Earth Rods – Specifications:
Bore and stick for baying
conforms to prerequisites of VDE 0185-305 (IEC 62305)
Hamper (50Hz), time 1 s, temperature max. 300 degrees Celsius: 7.9 kA
we >> cheerful to give a citation. Here, you can without much of a stretch get in touch with us! <<
How is a ground pole raised?
The ground pole regularly comprises of individual bars which are gathered. The sharp coupling framework guarantees that the grasp are shut when crashed into the ground. Along these lines, toward the end of the drive-in procedure, an electrically dependable and mechanically firm association with the pole. Also, it less demanding for you as our client to work extensively. Extra fittings, which would be connected with extra operations, which you would need to figure your clients, who account by the coupling framework.
In what capacity will the ground pole crashed into the ground?
Earth Rods sway apparatus
In the event that you need to spend a ground pole into the ground, this is finished by method for percussion apparatuses, which are driven in various ways. Note that the effect rate ought to be around 1,200 beats a moment. In the event that the stroke rate is higher, the effect vitality is experience, too low and the ground bar can be spend in the ground sufficiently profound in specific situations. Is the beat clock disparaged – this we regularly find in instruments for turning, which are worked with compacted air – is the vitality of the blow is too high. If it’s not too much trouble likewise take note of the heaviness of the device to commute home, which ought not be under 20 kilograms.
What decides the insertion profundity of the earth bars?
Earth Rods soil sorts
Fundamentally, it comes down to the ground, how far the ground pole can spend in the ground. Are the articles to be secured in a zone to be found in the light soils are – ideally in waterfront territories or ranges with extremely wet floors – you can accomplish an entrance profundity of 30 to 40 meters to the ground pole. In the event that your item in a district which has hard ground, the greatest insertion profundity of the earth bars will lie simply above 10 meters.
The dirt ought not be penetrated out, but rather by the earth bar comes a dislodging procedure moreover.
This guarantees in the field of earth bars the dirt is compacted and it gets a phenomenal electrical contact to its environment. Design in substantial ground conditions, a ground bar with an external width of 25 millimeters is utilized to, in light of the fact that it has the bigger removal at the ground. This Dimension is a most extreme insertion profundity and ideal Erdverdrängung. To produce for your clients and be immaculate article to be secured assurance values.
Provoke us and get the telephone on the off chance that you have further inquiries for earth bars and the vital effect devices – have – for instance, Hammer towers where the striker is suspended.

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